The buyer benefits of choosing Reality Realty Virginia Heroes?


Reality Realty Agents focus on three core concepts:  Evaluation, Education, and Empowerment.  Therefore, the primary objective when working with client’s is to conduct a thorough season of life assessment we have coined,  “Reality Check™”.


1st Time Buyer: They will enjoy a thorough season of life assessment, education on the buying process, the lending process, identifying wants/needs, and gain an appreciation for how this major fiscal event can affect your goals both in the long and short term.


Experienced Buyer/Current Home Owner: If you are a seasoned pro, the process serves as an education for OUR team, ensuring we have a thorough understanding of your current situation, future goals, your expectations,  and how we can best support.  Additionally, we identify your advisors we may need to interact with such as financial advisors, CPA, insurance reps, or lenders. Once the team is assembled, we will orientate you to current market conditions, lending environment, legal considerations, and explain how Virginia Heroes is a force multiplier.


The secondary objective is to offset the buyer’s cost by crediting 25% of our commission to offset our buyer’s cost!  Our lenders have pledged to support as well and often pay for a majority of our Hero buyer’s the closing costs!  The combined monetary contributions from both our Realtors and lenders generally result in:

  1. ZERO out of pocket for our Hero clients
  2. The lowest rate possible
  3. In some cases principal reductions

The credits provided a unique advantage when negotiating as well! Today’s market is tough with low inventor, low rates, and buyers on the hunt. Supply is low, demand is high, multiple offers are the norm and sellers are not willing to pay closing costs or lower price.  Monies credited to our clients enable stronger offers putting our clients one step ahead of the competition!  Win Win for Buyer and Seller! They don’t pay closing, get fair price, and our buyer’s cost are covered!


The goal of every Real Estate Artisan employed at Reality Realty Virginia Heroes is simple.

  1. Educate our Clients
  2. Ensure buying  is the right thing to do
  3. If transaction is in alignment with outlined goals – Minimize their expense
  4. Strengthen offers in competitive situations
  5. Make our clients whole, by offsetting expenses
  6. Donate unused funds (when available) to the charity of their choice


“Purpose with a Profit™” is our mantra! By educating our clients and clearly identifying their goals we empower and protect!  What we don’t want to do is assist clients with a monetary credits, when they are not clear on their “Reality” thus compromising their current and future well-being. The Reality Check™ Process coupled with our Carmenship™ philosophy ensures our philanthropy does not end up being kerosene on a fire. Not good for the client, our industry, our community, and our nation.



Its real, its from the heart, there are not strings attached and we are proud to be Leading in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland

“Experience the Difference, Enjoy the Results”

For more information, please visit our buyer’s resources information at Reality Realty Professionals.