At various times throughout your life, you’ve probably needed the services of many different professionals including doctors, lawyers, and everything in between. And before settling on someone to provide such vital services, you’ve probably done a fair amount of “homework” ahead of time. Why should your Real Estate agent be chosen with any less attention to detail? After all, he or she is going to guide you through what may amount to the single largest financial activity you’ll ever undertake. The Latin phrase Caveat Emptor means “buyer beware.” When it comes to moves that encumber all of your net worth (and oftentimes much more), truer words were never spoken!


So, why trust the marketing of your home, your family’s transition, and your future to Reality Realty Professionals, Virginia Heroes?!


One Word…Integrity

Three pillars…Evaluation, Education, Empowerment

One Vision

“To change the way real estate is conducted on a global scale by committing to the readiness and stability of both our communities and clients, empowering them to make sound real estate decisions, rooted in clearly defined goals, season of life, and fiscal well being”


Three key questions lie at the foundation of our approach to your care:

  1. Why are you selling your house and/or looking to buy one?
  2. Is it in your best interest to sell / buy?
  3. What is the best way to transition from where you are in your life to where you want to be?


Once it is determined that the sale and/or purchase of a home is part of the strategy that will help you achieve your life’s goals, we roll up our sleeves! By choosing to do business with Reality Realty Virginia Heroes, you will have turned the key in the ignition of a marketing machine that has proven to be a true force multiplier as well as enjoy substantial HERO Credits helping to offset the cost of selling your home:


  1. A possible 25% credit to offset cost. 30% Credit if you have award for Heroism, Valor, Life Saving, or Exceptional Professional Service (i.e. Teacher of the Year)
  2. Leading in Northern Virginia
  3. Partnered with #1 VA lender in the state w/national outlets
  4. State of the art transaction management software called DotLoop
  5. Personally meet hundreds of buyers every year at direct marketing events
  6. Featured on Fox Channel 5
  7. Published in Military Times
  8. All listings go in
  9. B101.5 advertising and sponsorships
  10. Own huge and market share
  11. Present classes to incoming and outgoing personnel at Quantico and Belvoir
  12. Social Media Power House
  13. Substantial credits to Hero sellers and buyers, offsetting costs with commission credits, easing transition pressure for both seller and buyer
  14. Recipient of awards for professionalism and expertise:

Leading in Northern Virginia, Maryland and D.C.

2012 “Military Friendly Business of the Year” Fredericksburg Regional Chamber

2012 “Entrepreneur of the Year” Fredericksburg Regional Chamber


The “muscle movements” that make up a successful real estate marketing effort are not hard to understand. Clean out the clutter, paint, landscape, stage…pretty basic stuff. However, selling your home begins and ends with something vitally important that so many in the industry overlook…your goals! Is it in YOUR best interest to go down this path? We help you answer that question. Once your “why” is clear, the “how” is easy.


Reality Realty’s uniquely trained Real Estate Artisans™ will help you define your goals and execute the strategy that makes sense! We’ll tackle your sale from beginning to end as proud partners committed to serving you in a way that is worthy of the service you’ve already given so selflessly to each and everyone of us!


“Experience the Difference, Enjoy the Results


For more information, please visit our seller’s resources information at Reality Reality Professionals.